How to maintain your brightest blonde ever?

How to maintain your brightest blonde ever?
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Only a blonde can know the pain of maintaining brightness of her hair consistently. It has become a mandatory tradition amongst all the blonde babes to follow the hectic process and maintain the shine. It is not as smooth as a piece of cake to maintain a blonde look, especially when it comes to hair. Bleaching is a chemical procedure through which you can achieve a blonde look and it involves lot of care taking. One needs to put their hands into the best cosmetics to maintain the evergreen blonde shine. Here are a couple of tips and tricks that can ease your effort.

  • Washing your hair very frequently may reduce the brightness and necessary oil content of hair. You can try a dry shampoo and use it appropriately to maintain the shine.
  • You need to be careful while choosing the right shampoo for yourself. Pick the one which is suitable for blonde hair, and that will keep your hair revitalized after every wash. Opting for the shampoo especially suitable for blonde hair can prove to be of great help if you do not want to regret after new products.
  • Although there are many shampoos and conditioners available in the market with a tag of color safety that will promise to not let your hair color fade. But, it would be a great idea if you opt for something which will literally have the fade fighting formulas in it. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money, because those products barely serve their words.
  • With time you will notice a yellowish and brassy appearance in your hair, and it may not be a good experience for any blonde. To keep your color intact with passing time, you need to substitute your fade fighting shampoo with a purple one. This will not only maintain the classy look, but will restore the shine to a greater extent. This would be the best way out to get rid of the yellowness.
  • Do away with damaged hair by applying some hair mask regularly. This will reduce the side effects of the chemicals present in bleach and will balance your hair volume.
  • A hair spray is a good thing to rely upon when you are keen about letting your hair spread some extra shine. It will add bonus to the beauty of your blonde look when you use a perfect hair spray which has light reflecting particles.